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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Dell Mini 10V Netbook

In today’s world of computer’s we have seen things go from Star Trek computers to laid out future workings. Computers are growing smaller as their intellect keeps getting bigger. Companies are finding new ways to gather information that will lead to a bigger or shall I say smaller better computer that millions of people will want to buy. Now, Dell has done it again with the Netbook.

< This computer is packed with features, gizmos and thingamabobs. It has advanced technology that will sweep most fans off their feet, not to mention a great keyboard that is 92% the size of a traditional keyboard on a small portable frame that is no thicker than a deck of cards. I’m talking about the new Dell Mini 10V Netbook.

The computer itself as a whole weighs 2.6lbs and displays a 10” seamless Hi-Def screen that plays movies just as well as any big TV that’s in your living room. It comes equipped with a HDMI port which means hooking up with connecting hdmi cable your TV, MP3 player, Playstation 3 or even your iPhone has never been easier.

Enjoy a vast variety of wireless connections and built in Wi-Fi you will be surfing the net and checking e-mail in no time. A great built-in GPS navigation system lets you keep up with your destination and it works even when you do not have internet connection. You will never get lost as long as you have you netbook Dell Mini 10V by your side. In fact it keeps better directions than your husband.

Monday, September 20, 2010

A Compact Look at a Compact Notebook: Dell Precision M2400

The writer of the following article has repeatedly seen evidence of the conflicting needs among technology users. She has seen how some companies try to squeeze together large pieces of equipment. Those same companies then rely on petite employees, whenever they need someone to read the screens on those tightly packed pieces of equipment.

Later, that same petite employee might be asked to carry a rather heavy container. The degree to which the needs of large workers differ from those of smaller workers was definitely on the mind of one writer, as she authored the following article about the Dell Precision M2400.

The makers of Dell computers realize that not every PC user has constant access to a permanent workstation. They know that a growing number of laptop computers pass through the scanning devices at small and large airports. For that reason, Dell has introduced the Precision M2400. That small notebook stands ready to fill the sizable needs of the on-the-move business traveler

The business person who needs to hit the road on a regular basis often depends on a reliable, mobile workstation. The owner of a Dell Precision M2400 has such a workstation. The operator of an M2400 can edit videos, prepare animated presentations and manipulate CAD. Because the Precision M2400 contains a magnesium alloy chassis, it completes all of those functions, while being toted from place to place.

Now the Dell executives did not overlook one important fact. They did not close their eyes to the fact that the transportation of a small notebook can invite the development of new security concerns. After all, a traveler can never know who or what he or she will run up against. That is why Dell has equipped the M2400 with a highly reliable security system.

Dell has provided computer retailers with a secure notebook. At the same time, Dell has created a notebook with unquestionable durability. Dell as produced a notebook with a magnesium chassis. The magnesium chassis not only insures completion of stored functions, it also cuts to a minimum the amount of flex produced by exposure to “knocks.” Those “knocks” can arise from less than careful treatment by notebook handlers

While the M2400 has extremely strong hinges, it does not lack for style. It has a matte plastic exterior. Although that plastic exterior often feels the touch of many fingers, it does not allow fingerprints on the surface to give away the location of each touch. In every respect, the exterior surface on the M2400 exhibits the sort of style that matches with business. It does not seek to become a trendy fashion statement.

Of course, the compact size of the M2400 appears to have forced upon Dell the need to sacrifice an extra bit of hard drive protection. One reviewer has faulted the absence of a hard drive caddy in the M2400. That reviewer seems ready to share tales about nightmarish visions. That reviewer has apparently lost sleep, because he is worried about what might happen if someone managed to loosen the screw on his handy Dell Precision M2400.

That reviewer seems to think that addition of a stronger protective cover would banish the occurrence of such nightmares. He fails to see the nightmare that a small and slight female traveler might experience. She might become exhausted by the weight of a suggested notebook adaptation.

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